0day discovery System level access by Privilege Escalation of Huawei manufactured Airtel & Photon Dongles

  A few months back i found a vulnerability in Huawei Manufactured dongles that were run by Airtel and Photon datacards below is the detail for the same. Huawei Unified Terminal PC suite (UTPS), also known as Mobile Partner, runs… Continue Reading

Presentation on Windows Privilege Escalation at Null Delhi

Recently I gave a presentation on Windows Privilege Escalation Tips and Tricks. Here is a slideshare . Click here Cheers.

Linux Privilege Escalation Cheat Sheet

The same has been taken from one of the github repos and pentestmonkey. pentestmonkey is a very informative check it out. Here is a Linux Priv Esc Cheat Sheet. // Determine linux distribution and version cat /etc/issue cat /etc/*-release cat… Continue Reading